Starting Over Again


Note: I would like to apologize for my slightly unpolished grammar as I don’t have the energy to proofread this right now. Perhaps later.

Hello, stranger! 👋😅

After years of intermittent hiatus, I have finally mustered my guts to do it, yet again. I went a tad bit out of the way and created a blog. This is my first blog entry so please bear with me, as I am still finding my way around here in WordPress. The next couple of days (or weeks) will be spent entirely on learning more about this platform. So, if anyone is willing to coach me re: the ins and outs of WordPress, it will be massively appreciated!

Anyway, I have been blogging here and there in the past using different platforms. However, my thoughts weren’t as organized as I hoped it would be, I wrote in short disconnected sentences and felt embarassed having to re-read those whenever my lady hormones kick in.  Ergo, after a few posts, I stopped. No regrets, as they all say. Most of my entries then were the typical high school melodrama thing written by an angsty, hormonal, immature teenager. Hahaha. I remember going around telling the people who knew my domain, “What’s in the blog, stays in the blog.” Some can still be found somewhere in the net, I believe. Good luck digging that.

Then, I went active on Friendster, Multiply, Yahoo, eventually Facebook. But a few words just don’t kick it, a few words just don’t tell the whole story as it is.

This little nook, I hope, survives the sadistic environment of med school. But given my impulsiveness and my being a temperamental brat, there is always the possibility of deletion. Maybe, this too,  might get deleted.

So it’s 03/04/17, 11: 36 PM, and tonight, I ressurect!

Starting Over Again

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