HTML Illiterate

Med essentials through the eyes of Doktora Undone.
Whatcha think about the image above? Nice ‘no?

I wanted to use that as header image for this blog, unfortunately though, I still have yet to figure out how. Learning the basics of HTML codes is a daunting task. I really wonder how my brother survived the cruel IT world. You see, I am okay with memorizing gazillions of pathology but hopeless when numbers and letters are combined. Hiring a web developer is not an option at the moment since I live entirely on the meek allowance my parents give me. I tried asking help from the people  I know on Facebook, but so far, none have responded. Rakenrol.

Anyway hemingways, I stopped consuming 3 in 1 coffees (refer to the image above). I used to back in my college days, but ever since I started board reviews, my caffeine tolerance shooted to an all-time high. I needed something stronger to keep me awake; and who am I kidding, I also needed something to control my fluctuating weight. Hence, my love for black coffee. It’s healthier and I like how bitter it tastes— reminds me of my multiple failed stints in love (hahaha). I specifically like the brand Maxwell House. Whoever made that deserves a noble prize. Also, I’ve never drank the tea above. Heaven knows where it came from.

I like how bitter it tastes. Parang pag-ibig lang!

This is a medical blog and resource site, btw. In the coming days, I will be posting articles that are medically relevant. So to any of my pre-med and med friends out there, please stay tuned!

PS. Remind me that I have to live up to that “resource site” thing. I tend to forget things. 😅

HTML Illiterate

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