I Hid Some Under the Bed

Last night while trying to squeeze in a few HTML coding tutorials to my already saturated brain, I noticed that my father, who was MIA for two days, had put a seemingly full white plastic bag inside our dilapidated fridge. Being a curious cat as I was, I headed straight to the fridge and then voila! It turned out to be a bag full of sweets! What’s even more invigorating was that my siblings were nowhere to be found! That only meant one thing: If they didn’t see it, then it was never there to begin with — hence, it’s all mine! Hahaha how lucky can I get?

After an hour or so, I ended up eating a box of Meiji Almonds and half a cup of Acecook noodles. I enjoyed it eventhough I’m not really big on anything that’s too sweet. I initially planned on not sharing it to anyone but since I’m mabait (talaga naman hahaha), I gave the rest to ’em all… okay fine. Some, but not all. I still have a few hidden under my bed.

Due to the lack of better things to do, I decided that I should read back on Kemper’s Write Source that I bought some two years ago. I guess this will keep me company for the days to come.

Random find at BookSale for Php 195. Because I’m kuripot like that, and I make no apologies. Charot.
I Hid Some Under the Bed

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