My Bum Life 

A typical day on my desk.

So the last post was about ME being six feet under the whirlpool of uncertainties. Turns out, it’s just lady hormones — y’all know how it can be. Hahaha. 😂

Anyway, I’m running out of stories to tell since I’ve been practically at home for almost a year now — sleeping in and waking up late, sipping black coffee in between movies and pages, and trying hard to squeeze in work outs day by day —  in an attempt to lessen my guilt. Like really, what decent stories can you get from staying at home 24hrs/day, 7days a week, 12mos a year? See? I am living the ultimate bum life. Not that I’m complaining though. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed slacking as much I do now. I tell myself I deserve this, but oh boy, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Needless to say, I still have several things in my mind at the moment:

  1. Read more books, researches and articles. Add a few more words into my non-existent vocabulary bank. (I love words eh.)
  2. Continue learning the ins and outs of WordPress. (Kahit alam ko namang hopeless talaga.)
  3. Get shreded for my brother’s wedding this July. (Ah, I can’t believe my brother is getting hitched! Last time I remember we were getting our daily dose of spanking, courtesy of our dad, for skipping siesta. Has it really been that long? And me?! A bride’s maid?! I need to get sexy na talaga, ‘no?)
  4. Study for the incoming NMAT and PTLE. (I really need to get this on top of my priority list.)
  5. Do a medical school tour for blog purposes. (I’ve been thinking about this for quite awhile, but I can’t afford it. I don’t have baon na. Sheez.)
  6. Prepare for med in all aspects — meaning mentally, emotionally, physically… lahat ng may -ly sa dulo! (I was told that I needed to think long and hard before wanting to go to med school. Because hello! The finances are no joke! Med is not for the poor yahknow — unless you’re a flat-uno GPA prodigy, which I am not. I contemplated and decided I will still push through it. Patay kung patay.)
  7. Be a better person than I was yesterday. (The ME had a very unproductive yesterday, feeling mortified over the much-publicized #DavaoLeaks. I was close to smashing our TV.)

I have a lot of pending tasks, but instead of doing those, I started typing this. I pratically slept the whole day (again) and I think I suffer from I-miss-school syndrome. I never knew it’s possible to actually miss stress, to miss the times I hardly get two-hour of sleep, the times I felt like an ugly duckling because too much stress had been building up; the times I wished to get hit by a bus to get it all over with; the times I had forgotten to eat because I have been cramming for an exam, or the times I cried buckets over my dreadful thesis. 

Oh, I guess I just miss school. Sana talaga pwedeng mag-aral nalang forever tapos may sweldo. Ay naku! Much have been said about my (enjoyable) bum life. So I will just leave you with an excerpt of what I wrote two or three years ago:

“Why do we want people we can’t have?” — a question that’s been out in the open since time immemorial. But just like a scientific query that has bewildered many, I wonder if there will ever be an answer to this perpetual question.”

Hayst. I don’t know what I did so wrong that I ended up on the losing end of things. If only life came with a handbook.

PS. Sa mga magtatanong po, hindi po ako buntis at wala po akong balak any time soon. Case closed.

My Bum Life 

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