My Ghost Encounter

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I had a ghost encounter the other day, I think.

As you all know, I have been staying at home for almost a year now. To answer your questions as to why, please refer to my previews blog posts. Anyway, I just want to disclose that I do not have paranormal abilities whatsoever, nor am I affiliated to people who possess such. Moreover, I have yet to see ghosts in the past, but I think, at very least, I am able to hear them (Or maybe, they’re allowing me to hear them? I don’t know.) Although, I do not consider the me-hearing-them as a paranormal ability because it happens so rarely and only when I am at home. So, this particular incident happened on 03/20/2017 around one in the afternoon. Note, however, that this was not the first time I heard “them”.

March 20, 2017, 1PM

I was home alone when I decided to squeeze in some much need prophylactic nap. I turned off the lights and found my way to our couch. Not even five minutes into my sleep when I heard panting in the background. ’twas as if someone had just finished an ironman 70.3 and was deliberately trying to catch his breath.

“Haaaa! Haaaa! Haaaa!”

I kept my eyes closed and tried to ignore the noise. But the panting got louder and louder. This time it was as if his mouth was only an inch away from my left ear.

“Haaaa! Haaaa! Haaaa!”

I opened my eyes, scanned the darkness that looms in the room but saw no one. “Ano kaya ‘yun?“, I thought to myself. It couldn’t have been a person since I am alone in the house and I don’t remember ever panting while asleep. Could it be those pesky rats or the roaches, again? But “it” cannot possibly pant, or can it? Was I delusional?

I quickly got up from the couch and turned on all the lights never to return back to my nap again.


Kwento ng lola ko, dati daw talahiban ‘yung lugar namin at pinagtatapunan daw ng mga sinalvage. Matagal ng may nagpaparamdam sa bahay namin. Sa awa ng Diyos, hindi naman sila nagpapakita pero maririnig mo sila. Paminsan naglalakad-lakad. Siguro nagpapaalala lang na hindi kami nag-iisa.

Ikaw, anong kwentong kababalaghan mo?

My Ghost Encounter