Living the Bum Life

Note: I will proofread this later. It’s already past 8AM, and I’ve been awake all night. I’m tired na. Let me sleep in bliss. Engkyu! 

Embedded under the red sleeping bag. Mt. Maranat, circa 2016.

I did it again.

I practically slept the whole day (again). Now I’m starting to think, that if there ever was a competition for people who can sleep the most — then without a doubt — I will emerge as the overall victor. AWUUU!!! AWUUU!!!

2011. Summer. Everyone was off doing their own thing: galavanting around the globe, reading thick school books, filling in their boss’s daily dose of coffee, you name it. I, on the other hand, was embedded under the warm and fuzzy blanket. (See, I told you. I’m a professional sleeper.)

It must be said though, that even if I had slept the whole day, I had a productive a night. A not-so-rare occurrence for a night owl like I am. 

Now why productive when all I did was sleep the whole day, you ask? Well, let me give you a quick rundown as to why:

I read articles

Yes, you read it right. I read articles— fifteen notoriously long articles to be specific (no kidding). I thought I’d never voice out my opinion re: the Cirque du Freak that is the Philippines Government on this blog, but I can’t help it. Everything is so chaotic, and I can’t find the right words to express my utter disgust to the bureaucracy and to every political prostitutes and opportunists of this country. And at the rate things are going, I only have this to say, “To hell with them all.”

I blogged a bit

After writing the uber-long medical article last night, I told myself that it’s okay if I skip a day or two from writing. But then I found out that I’m running low on caffeine, and it simply wouldn’t suffice for the days to come. And my brain refuses to function without it. Meaning: no caffeine, no blog. 

And so, I figured I should keep writing while supplies last. 

Yes, those are my socks on the desk and I make no apologies for it. Hehehe.

I learned a few words

My friends know that I am a logophile. In fact, I have a little notebook at home where I write down words, phrases and sentences that appeal to me. Words are like collection for me. The more I know, the happier I get. 

Today I learned quite a few interesting ones, but that should be tomorrow’s blog post.

Credits to Pinterest

To all the ladies who might be reading this right now: Happy International Women’s day!

  • I wish you all genuine laughter and the chance to let it ring loud and splendid;
  • I wish you all moments that shall take your breath away; and
  • I wish you all lots and lots coffees without side effects.

With that said, I now leave you with a quote from none other than the Iron Lady of Asia,

“This is goodbye. I shall not importune you any longer. I shall now fade into the night like Batman.” (M. Santiago, 2016)

Living the Bum Life